A day in the life of forum administrator


What does the forum admin actually do? Below is my hypothetical list. Its a combination of things from several different forums and a number of the tasks are shared with moderators. It is largely based on what I did today. Not all are necessarily done every day, but they could be. The actual tasks will vary from forum to forum and also depending on the actual job description of the administrator(s) compared to the moderators.

  1. A couple of messages that got through the all the spam measures had to be deleted and the posters banned (they were most likely humans rather than bots).
  2. A couple of people had reported the posts as spam, so I messaged them to say thanks (we appreciate our members).
  3. A new thread was started with a poorly descriptive title as to what it was about, so it was edited (all threads are treated like gold).
  4. The new threads also have to be tagged with the appropriate tags, so they get indexed properly (Intelligent use of the tags).
  5. Add a new wiki page for the This Day in History thread (Wikipedia pages into forum posts).
  6. I like all thread titles to start with a capital (it just looks neater), so another thread title was edited (all threads are treated like gold). The same goes for thread titles in capitals.
  7. The posts that go into the eBay threads have to be approved as there is so much rubbish on eBay, so we only let through the relevant stuff (Monetizing your forum with eBay).
  8. Posts that contain completed eBay auctions also need to be deleted (there is no point keeping them).
  9. Deleted a number of fluff posts and banned a few of the posters.
  10. Email notification of new members that are a few weeks old are checked for any profile spam (can be as high as 50% of new registrations).
  11. A number of monitoring services are checked for news and ideas for new threads (Keeping on top of ideas for new threads; eg Twitter; Google Alerts; You Tube).
  12. An email comes through from a member who has forgotten their password and no longer has access to their registration email address (this is just one of the many tedious jobs that have to be done). Deal with other issues from members, such as one who wants their user account deleted (Would you delete a user on request?).
  13. A couple of emails get sent to some key people in the niche if their name was mentioned or they may be interested in what was said (a great way to get key people on to your forum).
  14. The Introductions Forums was checked on to see if any posts need replies to welcome the newbies. While I have a welcome committee and moderators post in the Introductions Forum, I still try to post at least one welcome a day.
  15. Scan for any really good outstanding posts by members; use the Post Thank You to thank them for their contribution (let them know that what they said is valued).
  16. Check into the moderators forum to see if any problem members or conflicts need to be dealt with. Check in with any moderators about any problems.
  17. Write at least a dozen blog posts for distribution via the Linkvana network to deep link threads for the long tail searches (Getting the search engines to index all of your threads).
  18. If it is the 1st day of the month, then check all the forum metrics.
  19. Check the advertising inventory; do I need to email any potential advertisers to build up the inventory? (Forum Advertising Software).
  20. Check in with a few forum admin communities to see what is going on.
  21. Periodically monitor who’s online for suspicious activity and be proactive to ban those before spam occurs (eg a new member with an IP address from China and a username with something like ‘nike’ in it, who starts posting a message as soon as joining is usually blocked from posting).
  22. Check what sorts of threads are the most popular and look at ways of encouraging more of those kind of discussions.
  23. Put on my other hat and start posting some messages (Should you post messages as ‘Admin’?).
  24. Delete all requests for link exchanges from SEO Kiddies.
  25. Look at Yahoo! Answers for any question that can be answered of relevance (Yahoo! Answers as a Source of Traffic and Members).
  26. Write an article each day for Article Automation distribution to deep link threads and rank them higher (Article Directory Submission).
  27. Any other forum promotion needed?
  28. Check in with vBulletin.org; any interesting new modifications or hacks that might be useful?
  29. Check Amazon.com. Any new book coming up related to the niche? If there are, get the author involved in the forum. See: How to monetize your forum with Amazon.
  30. Find and add a funny You Tube video clip if no one has posted in the ‘What is your favourite You Tube Clip‘ thread.

A number of the above tasks are sped up by using multiple home pages in Firefox (Getting through the Admin tasks a bit quicker).

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