Adding a favicon to your forum


See how many sites have an image next to the URL in the address bar? When you click on your bookmarks, notice how some have an image beside the site name? These are called favicons – which is short for favorites icon. They look cool, but do not help your site in any way except for the coolness factor. It does make the site stand out if a user has multiple tabs open and it does make it stand out on the Bookmarks or Favorites menu.

Steps to add a favicon:

  1. Create a 16 x 16 image
  2. Convert it to an icon resource (there are several sites for this, one is Genfavicon)
  3. Add the favicon.ico file to root directory (ie
  4. Add this to the head: <link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”/favicon.ico”>
    (this goes in the headinclude template in vBulletin)

If your forum already has one (some software come preloaded with a default one), just locate the image in your directory and replace it.

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