Ban these members from your forum

BannedAs well as getting rid of fluff posters, get rid of these members if you have them. They have either posted spam messages; or they are joining forums just to link drop a signature link in their profiles; or they used some sneaky trick. I am only including those that get through all the spam protection measures and are highly likely to be humans rather than bots:

  • sandra543
  • WyvvernBram
  • Frisconrerits
  • klmn379

This post will be added to regularly, so check back (or add it to one of your moderators job descriptions). If you have some I can add, please email me.

Stop Forum Spam are doing an awesome job have a more comprehensive list of all spam attempts. Most anti-spam measure will catch most of the spammers on their list. The Forum Posters Union, also maintain a good collection of these idiots.


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