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bingEveryone is familiar with Google’s PageRank or PR score for a website based on Google’s analysis of links to a page. Not many are familiar with Bing’s (formally MSN Search and Live Search), Page Score. You can see your score for your pages and domain in Bing’s Webmaster Tools. Is this Microsoft’s answer to Google’s PR score?

Microsoft introduced this in 2007 when Bing was known as Live Search. Page Score is the green bars you see beside your domain and pages in the Bing Webmaster Tools. They range from a score of 0 to a score of 5 (with 5 being the best).

Bing Webmaster help describe it as: Provides a measurement of how authoritative Bing views your webpage to be, with five green boxes being the highest rating and five empty boxes being the lowest. This is based on many of the same factors Bing uses to determine static rank (A query-independent ranking of a webpage by a search engine. The static rank of a webpage provides a general indicator to the overall quality of the webpage.) , but isn’t directly comparable.

No one knows much about Page Score (except Bing) and what it is actually based on and how it factors into Bing’s ranking algorithm. In this discussion at Bing Webmaster Forums, a Bing employee said: It is a rough indication of how we view your site pages. Note that this score is only relevent to your site and does not track well in our index

What does this mean for your site? Probably not a lot and like Google’s PR, its not worth obsessing over. My observations are there is not a lot of correlation between Google’s PR and Bing’s PS. For example, one of my sites has a Bing PS of 5/5 and a Google PR of 4/10. They are obviously measuring different things, with Google’s PR based entirely on backlinks metrics.

I think Bing’s Page Score is going to be one of those watch this space issues.


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