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The Value of Facebook Advertising for a Forum

Tweet I was just checking the metrics for one of the forums I run and was surprised to see that Facebook was second to Google as the referring site. Given the recent Panda update that Google did that did affect traffic to a large number of sites, the need to diversify traffic sources is important […]

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Selling advertising space on your forum

Tweet There are many options to monetize a forum, from Google Adsense, to affiliates such as eBay and Amazon. The direct selling of advertising space is another option. This requires more active work than the more passive methods such as Adsense and affiliate programs. Here is how I go about it: In an spreadsheet I […]

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Monetizing a Forum

Tweet Forums cost money to run and they take time to run (see a day in the life of a forum admin). If you are in it just for the passion or the money, there are a number of ways to recoup the expenses and cover your time involved in running the forum, and if […]

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Redirect the non-www to the www url?

Tweet Should you redirect the non-www url to the www url for your site? For example tends to be treated as a different site to by the search engines. This sort of handling of domains by the search engines may mean different rankings between the two versions and it may be treated as […]

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Consider editing the ‘instant email notification of new post’ email

Tweet I always make sure that the Default Thread Subscription Mode is set to Instant email notification (this is the vBulletin terminology, but the principle is the same for other forum software). This means that when a reply is made in a thread that the member has either posted in or has subscribed too, they […]

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Beware of the dog!

Tweet In my RSS reader this morning was a blog post:  My “Beware Of Dog” Don’t Spam Me Sign from Danny Sullivan. He was getting frustrated about the idiocy of the spam attempts on his blog. It struck a chord with me as I have had my views on forum spam. This is an ongoing […]

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Twitter Analytics

Tweet For those who use Twitter to promote your forum might be interested in a new service from who provide some metrics data on your twitter account and your followers. Some data is free. More comprehensive data can be purchased. They let you log into your Twitter account to determine how many of your […]

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Should a visitor always need to register to post on a forum?

Tweet Is it always desirable that you have to be a registered member of a forum to post a message? In most circumstances we want visitors to join as members (see converting the visitor into a member); we want them to engage with the site. BUT, what if your forum is on the sort of […]

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Bounce Rates and Forums

Tweet The bounce rate is one metric that can be used to analyze what is happening on your forum. It is defined as the percentage of visits to a single page on your site and they leave your site from that page without clicking on another link – they only see one page and leave. […]

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Books as a competition prize and revenue generator

Tweet Do you run competitions on your forum? (its all part of the convert members to posters plan). What do you offer as a prize? Try this as an idea: Keep an eye out for any new books that are published relevant to your niche. Use that as a prize for some sort of competition. You […]

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Converting the member into a poster

Tweet As part of the 90 9 1 theory of forum participation, getting visitors to convert to being a registered member (the 90) is one thing; once a visitor  has registered then the challenge is to convert them from being a lurker into a poster or participant (the 9). A certain number of visitors will […]

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Converting the visitor into a member

Tweet As part of the 90 9 1 principle or theory of forum participation, one of the strategies is to convert the visitor to the site into a member (ie convert them to the 90). Getting the visitor by a variety of promotional means is one thing, converting them is another. What can be put […]

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The Welcome Committee to engage the newbie’s

Tweet On the forums I admin, all new members get an automated welcome email and a welcome PM (private message). As part of that, they are encouraged to stop by the Introductions Forum to introduce themselves and make their first post (this is one of the important steps in converting the 90 to the 9 […]

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Reading for beginners

Tweet I have had a couple of emails about some background reading on running forums for beginners. I suggest everyone starts out with Patrick O’Keefe’s Managing Online Communities. You can browse our Table of Content’s for information. For a free read on search engine optimization (SEO), start with Google’s own Guide to SEO. There are […]

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Monetizing your forum with eBay

Tweet The eBay Partner Network (EPN) affiliate program offer another potential revenue stream for forums. It is especially useful to get some feeds of eBay auctions that are relevant to the niche of your forum. There are several ways to integrate eBay affiliate links into a forum: One way, that is a little risky from […]

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