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Google’s Panda Algorithm Update

Tweet The Panda update from Google that affected the search engine rankings of a lot of sites has caused a lot of angst among some webmasters as they watch their rankings fall. Everyone is looking for answers. Not a lot of forums appear to have been affected. There has been a lot of discussion at […]

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Why Google’s PR is important for a forum

Tweet I have already posted about what Google’s PR or PageRank is. Many of the SEO Kiddies live for the day when Google “update” the PR every 3-4 months (when in reality they update it every day internally). Many of the SEO Kiddies and the SEO experts have dismissed PR as no longer being important […]

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Why does Google use DMOZ?

Tweet Firstly no one except Google has any idea of what a listing in the web directory DMOZ has on the ranking of websites in the search engine results. Many people like to believe that a web site listed in DMOZ is at an advantage over a site that is not listed. Others like to […]

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What signals do self-promotional links tell the search engines?

Tweet We all know the importance of building links to web sites to improve traffic and improve search engine rankings. For forums, building links to individual threads is a great way to take advantage of the long tail part of the search spectrum. There are many ways to get links to a site. The best […]

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What is DMOZ? Understanding DMOZ

Tweet DMOZ or the ODP (Open Directory Project) is a web directory that so many want to get their websites (or in our case, our forums) listed in to build a backlink to their sites from a site that the search engines may consider an authority site. We could get into the silly allegations about […]

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Are links from .edu & .gov sites worth more?

Tweet The simple answer is NO. There are many SEO myths out there and this is one of them. There is a popular belief that backlinks from .gov and .edu sites carry more weight than other top level domains. Google have made it clear that they do not (see this interview; and this video – […]

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Optimize the welcome message for the visitor and the search engine

Tweet It is always a good idea to optimize a site primarily for a few main keywords that you are targeted for a search engine ranking, but at the same time implement strategies to get all your threads indexed so you can bring traffic to a forum through long tail searches. There are a number […]

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Who wants what from web directories

Tweet Is the web directory industry out of control? (many commentators think it has been for a while). Just look at all the new directories being announced by the SEO Kiddies at webmaster forums like Digitalpoint and on sites like Directory Critic. For example, every man and his dog is buying expired domains with Google […]

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Bounce Rates and Forums

Tweet The bounce rate is one metric that can be used to analyze what is happening on your forum. It is defined as the percentage of visits to a single page on your site and they leave your site from that page without clicking on another link – they only see one page and leave. […]

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mozRank and mozTrust

Tweet Google’s Page Rank is updated on a daily basis internally and a snapshot is exported to the Google Toolbar for us to see on a somewhat irregular scale (see the dates). What we get in the toolbar is a historical representation. It is not the true PR that is used by Google in the […]

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Do forum signature links help a sites ranking?

Tweet Listening to the SEO kiddies on some SEO forums, you can’t help but notice how they heavily promote posting in forums to link drop signatures and profile spam as a way to help build backlinks to a web site to improve its rankings. This kind of advice has significantly increased the fluff posting, nonsense […]

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A SEO book that is NOT out of date!

Tweet I have never been a big fan of books on SEO (search engine optimization) as there can be a very long time lag between when a book is written by the author, the editors do all their work on it and the book gets printed and goes on sale. In an industry like SEO, […]

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The robots.txt file

Tweet The robots.txt is a file that can be used to restrict access to your site or parts of your site by preventing access from the search engine robots as they crawl the web. Most of the time this is used to prevent duplicate content (eg for a forum you do not want your printthread.php […]

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What is an “Authority Site”?

Tweet An ‘Authority site‘ is a site that seems to get an extra ranking boost from the search engines. Somehow, in their analysis of the site and its backlinks profile, the search engine algorithm recognizes a site as being an ‘Authority’. Getting backlinks from sites that are seen by the search engines as an authority […]

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Watch out for these SEO Scams

Tweet If you decide to engage a SEO’er (Search Engine Optimizer) to help with the SEO on your forum, how do you tell which ones to stay away from; which are the ones running a scam?; which are the ones that are pretending to be an SEO (ie a SEO Kiddie), but do not really […]

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