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Barefoot Running

Tweet This is not a really a topic on forum management (hence its filed under ‘Whatever’), but I am a forum junkie. I own several and moderate at several others and contribute to some others and hang out at even more. I am also a bit of a fitness nut and have been known in […]

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Let me Google that for you…

Tweet Ever get frustrated when a thread is started on the simplest or dumbest question that a quick Google (or another search engine) search would provide the answer? I do…but I am also torn between the frustration and the principle of the 90 10 1 and how to convert the poster of that question into […]

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A SEO book that is NOT out of date!

Tweet I have never been a big fan of books on SEO (search engine optimization) as there can be a very long time lag between when a book is written by the author, the editors do all their work on it and the book gets printed and goes on sale. In an industry like SEO, […]

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WWGD: What Would Google Do?

Tweet I do not read a lot of books as I am online so much. I recently had a long flight and in the airport bookshop I picked up a book by Jeff Jarvis called What Would Google Do. I thought it might be a book about SEO or something like that and as it […]

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Tweet Fluff posting = What SEO Kiddies do ODP = Open Directory Project or DMOZ mozRank and trustRank = alternatives to Google’s PR PR = PageRank (Google’s measure of the number and quality of links to a site) PS = Page Score (Bing’s measure of their view of how authoritative a site is) SERPS = […]

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The SEO Kiddies

Tweet If you hang out at SEO forums long enough you get to recognize the SEO Kiddies. They are the ones that: 1. Always want to know when the next Google PR update is and expect their sites ranking to change when it does (they don’t get it that Google update PR internally on a […]

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Best and funniest read in a while

Tweet Twitter Witt is a book I just finished reading in one sitting! I have not enjoyed reading a book lately as much as I did this one. The editorial description says: Twitter Wit is the first ever compilation of Twitter aphorisms and witticisms, celebrating a medium that has enabled millions of users to broadcast […]

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Twitter Basics

Tweet Another post was about how to add your forum RSS feed to Twitter to get traffic for your forum. This actually works surprisingly well and I highly recommend. In case you are one of a couple of people on the planet who just don’t get it, here is a YouTube clip on the very […]

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