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Twitter Basics

Tweet Another post was about how to add your forum RSS feed to Twitter to get traffic for your forum. This actually works surprisingly well and I highly recommend. In case you are one of a couple of people on the planet who just don’t get it, here is a YouTube clip on the very […]

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Wikipedia pages into forum posts

Tweet If you want to make threads on your forum a valuable resource on a topic or come up with some ideas for an off topic thread, then consider adding the BB code to insert Wikipedia pages into a post (for vBulletin). It is used here to to add posts for a Today in History […]

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New to SEO (search engine optimization)? Learn it all here.

Tweet There is an old saying that we are all familiar with, that goes something like a little bit of knowledge is dangerous. This certainly goes for SEO, or search engine optimization. You only need to look around the  Search Engine Optimization forums at the half truths that get misunderstood and discussed by the newbies […]

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Is more than 100 links on a page a problem?

Tweet One of the myths that come up from time to time is that Google will ban a site if it has more than a 100 links on a page or not crawl more than 100 links on a page. For a fourm it is easy to reach a 100 links on a page with […]

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Send your forum RSS feed to Twitter

Tweet The easiest way to get your message across on Twitter is to use Twitterfeed. It simply posts your new threads via your RSS feed on to Twitter. Set up a username with your main keyword, so anyone searching for it will find your tweets. See this example for what it looks like. Within a day of setting […]

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Which forum hosting do I recommend?

Tweet Choosing a web host for your forum is obviously going to be an important decision, especially if the forum is going to get big and be active. Technically, running a forum is a lot more complex than running a small static website, so the support of the host is going to be crucial in […]

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How to install vBulletin

Tweet Here is the basics from a You Tube clip on how to install vBulletin: And this one on some tips for the initial set up:

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Should you post messages as ‘Admin’?

Tweet Should you post messages as Administrator? This comes up from time to time in admin communities. Should you post messages as Administrator or under some other username (such as your own name)? Personally on the forums I admin, I have two administrator usernames. One is Admin that I use for doing admin things such […]

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View search results from different geographic regions

Tweet Google geotargets its search results. This means that search results vary from country to country and even from city to city. They do this so they can better serve the searcher (and remember the search engine is there to best serve the searcher and not serve the webmaster with free rankings). The problem for […]

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