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Converting the visitor into a member

Tweet As part of the 90 9 1 principle or theory of forum participation, one of the strategies is to convert the visitor to the site into a member (ie convert them to the 90). Getting the visitor by a variety of promotional means is one thing, converting them is another. What can be put […]

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The Welcome Committee to engage the newbie’s

Tweet On the forums I admin, all new members get an automated welcome email and a welcome PM (private message). As part of that, they are encouraged to stop by the Introductions Forum to introduce themselves and make their first post (this is one of the important steps in converting the 90 to the 9 […]

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A day in the life of forum administrator

Tweet What does the forum admin actually do? Below is my hypothetical list. Its a combination of things from several different forums and a number of the tasks are shared with moderators. It is largely based on what I did today. Not all are necessarily done every day, but they could be. The actual tasks […]

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Reading for beginners

Tweet I have had a couple of emails about some background reading on running forums for beginners. I suggest everyone starts out with Patrick O’Keefe’s Managing Online Communities. You can browse our Table of Content’s for information. For a free read on search engine optimization (SEO), start with Google’s own Guide to SEO. There are […]

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Forum metrics to monitor your forum

Tweet What forum metrics do you use? How do you monitor the health and growth of your forum? There are many ways to do this and everyone has their preferences. I use a spreadsheet and for each month monitor: Number of new members (I want to see growth each month; but do not get too […]

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The 90-9-1 Principle Applied to Forums

Tweet Essentially, the 90-9-1 rule states that in a social community, 90% are lurkers, 9% contribute a bit and 1% contribute a lot. Jake McKee is a strong proponent of the theory and has a whole site devoted to it. Some community managers, such as Angela Connor support the concept, whereas other such as Richard […]

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Dealing with vBulletin Spam

Tweet The spam posting and fluff posting on forums is not limited just to the vBulletin software, it is just that I am more familiar with vBulletin, so my comments here are directed at that. However, the principles for other forum software are the same and many of the vBulletin modifications are similar and are […]

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A SEO book that is NOT out of date!

Tweet I have never been a big fan of books on SEO (search engine optimization) as there can be a very long time lag between when a book is written by the author, the editors do all their work on it and the book gets printed and goes on sale. In an industry like SEO, […]

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The robots.txt file

Tweet The robots.txt is a file that can be used to restrict access to your site or parts of your site by preventing access from the search engine robots as they crawl the web. Most of the time this is used to prevent duplicate content (eg for a forum you do not want your printthread.php […]

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What do you do about competing forums?

Tweet What do you do when one of your moderators or one of your valued members departs on good terms (or even bad terms) and starts a forum that is competing with yours? What do you do if they start recruiting at your forum for new members for their forum? It is never pleasant when […]

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What is an “Authority Site”?

Tweet An ‘Authority site‘ is a site that seems to get an extra ranking boost from the search engines. Somehow, in their analysis of the site and its backlinks profile, the search engine algorithm recognizes a site as being an ‘Authority’. Getting backlinks from sites that are seen by the search engines as an authority […]

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First Amendment and the “Freedom of Speech”

Tweet How often have you had someone try to claim their First Amendment and their “Freedom of Speech” rights? They usually come in response to something like the closing of threads or deleting of posts. Most of those who try to claim these “rights” are from the USA and they should know better. I enjoy […]

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Monetizing your forum with eBay

Tweet The eBay Partner Network (EPN) affiliate program offer another potential revenue stream for forums. It is especially useful to get some feeds of eBay auctions that are relevant to the niche of your forum. There are several ways to integrate eBay affiliate links into a forum: One way, that is a little risky from […]

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