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Selling advertising space on your forum

Tweet There are many options to monetize a forum, from Google Adsense, to affiliates such as eBay and Amazon. The direct selling of advertising space is another option. This requires more active work than the more passive methods such as Adsense and affiliate programs. Here is how I go about it: In an spreadsheet I […]

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Suicide threats made in a forum

Tweet Have you had a suicide threat on your forum from a member? Chances are you haven’t and most forums probably will not have to deal with it. Some forums will and do have to deal with these. What­ will do you do if a member of your forum makes comments about committing suicide? Are […]

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Nulled vBulletin

Tweet Nulled vBulletin is not a different version of the forum software vBulletin. Nulled vBulletin is a version of the software that has been hacked to remove the license information. The nulled means it has been pirated and everything that could identify the owner of the licence has been removed or deactivated (however, sometimes the hacker […]

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Using a Paid Forum Posting Service to Kickstart a Forum

Tweet There are many ways to kickstart a community. One option in the early days is the use of a paid forum posting service – that is paying people to post to get that initial content. There are plenty of sites offering this service and packages for a variety of prices (see below). On a […]

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Monetizing a Forum

Tweet Forums cost money to run and they take time to run (see a day in the life of a forum admin). If you are in it just for the passion or the money, there are a number of ways to recoup the expenses and cover your time involved in running the forum, and if […]

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What signals do self-promotional links tell the search engines?

Tweet We all know the importance of building links to web sites to improve traffic and improve search engine rankings. For forums, building links to individual threads is a great way to take advantage of the long tail part of the search spectrum. There are many ways to get links to a site. The best […]

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Monetize a forum with Adsense

Tweet Google’s Adsense program is probably one of the more effective ways to monetize a forum. Essentially, you place the Google Adsense code on your forum in the template for where you wish to show the advertisements, Google then displays contextually relevant advertisements from their pool of Adwords advertisers. If your visitors click on them, […]

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What is DMOZ? Understanding DMOZ

Tweet DMOZ or the ODP (Open Directory Project) is a web directory that so many want to get their websites (or in our case, our forums) listed in to build a backlink to their sites from a site that the search engines may consider an authority site. We could get into the silly allegations about […]

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Redirect the non-www to the www url?

Tweet Should you redirect the non-www url to the www url for your site? For example tends to be treated as a different site to by the search engines. This sort of handling of domains by the search engines may mean different rankings between the two versions and it may be treated as […]

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Consider editing the ‘instant email notification of new post’ email

Tweet I always make sure that the Default Thread Subscription Mode is set to Instant email notification (this is the vBulletin terminology, but the principle is the same for other forum software). This means that when a reply is made in a thread that the member has either posted in or has subscribed too, they […]

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