Does Your Forum Target a Specific Geographic Region?

worldd.epsIf it does, you want it to show up in the search engines for that country. All the search engines use geotargeting and the search results are different from country to country (and even from city to city) (more on geotargeted search results). They do this as they want to deliver the most relevant SERPS to the searcher.

To appear in the search results when someone is searching from a region, the search engines really only use one or more of the following three options:

1. A TLD (top level domain) related to the country (eg .au, .nz, .ca, .uk)
2. The geographic location of the server
3. Google give webmasters the option of setting a region in their Webmaster Tools

(Other suggestions are that the search engines could use an address that they find on the site; if the site is listed in a DMOZ regional category; the use of a high number of mentions of a country’s name – however it is highly doubtful that they use any of these.)

To play it safe, you really need to do all three. Sometimes one of them works; other times one of them on there own does not seem to work.

Here is Matt Cutts from Google on this topic:


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  1. Admin January 1, 2010 at 3:17 AM #

    Google employee, John Mu, mentioned in a post at Google Webmster help that Google give a preference to the top level domain over server location when it comes to geotargeting:

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