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logoBuilding backlinks are an important part of forum promotion for traffic and search engine ranking. Submitting to key web directories is important and submitting to a wider range of directories will also help a site somewhat.

It is also probably important to submit your forum to the niche forum directories. Here is a list of most of them: (for more on what PR, mR & mT mean, see the posts on Google’s PR and SEOMoz’s mozRank and mozTrust).

The Forum Finder (PR2; DA44; mR4.82; mT5.55)
Forum Rating (PR2; DA31; mR4.5; mT4.8)
The Admin Zone Directory (PR0; DA51; mR4.82; mT5.55)
The Admin Zone Directory (PR0; DA0; mR0; mT0)
Forum Directory (PR0; DA45; mR4.79; mT5.56)
Big Boards (PR5; DA52; mR6.04; mT6.02)
Forum Virus (PR3; DA46; mR5.02; mT5.49)
My Forum Directory (PR1; DA47; mR4.17; mT5.35)
Lefora Forum Directory (PR4; DA40; mR4.57; mT5.68)
Forum Station (PR2; DA42; mR4.39; mT5.29)
1mfd Directory (PR0; DA46; mR1.91; mT4.34)
UK Forum Directory (PR2; DA51; mR2.49; mT4.96)
Forum Registry (PR1; DA43; mR4.62; mT5.20)
Virtual Forums (PR2; DA41; mR4.78; mT4.99)
vBCrowd (PR0; DA46; mR2.41; mT4.84)
Omgili Forum Directory (PR5; DA53; mR6.02; mT5.98)
Forum Index (PR1; DA42; mR4.66; mT5.6)
Directory of Forums (PR2; DA44; mR2.71; mT5.02)
Forum URL (PR0; DA47; mR6.07; mT5.92)
Forum Directory (PR1; DA49; mR4.84; mT5.55)
Forums Free Directory (PR0; DA62; mR3.33; mT5.06)
Forum Web Directory (PR0; DA55; mR4.25; mT5.39)
Free Message Forums (PR4; DA54; mR5.06; mT5.70)
Forum 3000 (PR1; DA40; mR4.07; mT5.36)
Invision Plus Forum Directory (PR4; DA75; mR6.13; mT6.11)
1001 Forums (PR2; DA43; mR5.64; mT5.78)
Forums Info (PR0; DA45; mR4.47; mT5.07)
vBulletin Setup Directory (PR3; DA52; mR4.39; mT5.31)
Forum Showcase (PR2; DA20; mR5.39; mT5.77)
vBulletin Directory (PR2; DA53; mR4.22; mT5.49)
Find A Forum (PR0; DA41; mR4.40; mT5.25)
Online Web Forums Directory (PR1; DA46; mR5.44; mT5.85)
Board Directory (PR4; DA47; mR6.53; mT6.17)
Find Your Forum (PR0; DA45; mR2.53; mT4.81)
Forum Links (PR0; DA35; mR4.98; mT5.42)
All My Forums (PR0; DA37; mR2.76; mT4.82)
Search Discuss (PR0; DA49; mR2.66; mT4.63)
WebPal Forums (PR2; DA44; mR4.16; mT5.30)
Forum & Message Board (PR0; DA1; mR0; mT0)

If you know of any I am missing, fire me an email.

(PR1; DA43; mR4.62; mT5.20)

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  1. Admin April 16, 2010 at 5:00 PM #

    I just updated the above list. Several were deleted as they were AWOL or were no longer forum directories.

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