Getting through the Admin tasks a bit quicker

firefoxIsn’t it frustrating getting through some of the Administrative and Moderation tasks that need to be done in the background. Isn’t it more fun being involved in the forum and promoting it and building it?

One tip I got a while ago was to make use of the multiple tabs in Firefox as your home page (it does not work with Internet Explorer as there is a minimum number of pages that you can save as your home page). I currently have 38 home pages.

To set up this, just open up as many pages as you want in Firefox; then go to Tools>Options and Use Current Pages.

Some of the pages I have as home pages are:

  • the admin pages of my forums
  • pages that are from forums that require me to check for moderation purposes
  • other pages on forums that I need to do something with (eg approve messages; threads; etc)
  • the new posts pages of some Admin and Webmaster forums that I visit and participate in
  • Google Reader for my RSS feeds (to look for content to add to the forums)
  • my Adsense control panel
  • Wikipedia for ‘this day in history‘ (for off-topic thread ideas)
  • my Linkvana control panel (for link building)
  • my Article Automation home page to submit a daily article
  • several Yahoo! Answers results pages (for traffic building)
  • some personal pages (bank; local newspaper)

To get some of these to save properly and set them up better, there is some editing that needs to be done. Go to Tools>Options and cut and paste all the urls from the Home Pages box into a text file and change some of the urls.

For the ones that go to moderation pages on your forum, add  &pp=100 to the end of those urls, so you get up to 100 posts per page.

For the new posts at other forums, if they are vBulletin forums edit the url that will have this on the end: /search.php?searchid=453548 to /search.php?do=getnew

Paste the urls back into the Home Pages box on the Options box

I find that this does allow me to get through what I need to do just that little bit quicker


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