How not to get a site listed in DMOZ


I have already covered How to get a forum listed in DMOZ, now this is how to go about not getting a site listed:

1. Do not submit a site under construction or a forum with not many members and activity. It will be rejected.

2. Do not submit it more than once. Submitting more than once is against the guidelines you agree to when submitting a site; and any subsequent submission usually just overwrites the previous one with the new date. If an editor sorts the submitted sites by date, you just moved yourself to the back.

3. Do not submit to more than one category (unless its a topical and regional category). This will not improve your chances of getting listed. Additional submissions usually get deleted. All of them could be deleted by accident.

4. Do not submit to a higher category. It will wait there for review and then the editor will move it to the correct lower category and it will possibly wait all over again for a review in that other category.

5. Do not submit only to categories with a named editor at the bottom. Having a named editor will not affect if your site is reviewed or not. There are 200 editors that can and do edit anywhere and any higher up editor can edit a lower down category. If you do submit it to a category with a named editor and its not the right category, then it will wait there for a review, then the editor will just move it to the correct category where it may just wait all over again for another review.

6. Do not email the editor. They do not respond very well to special requests to review *your* site. Why should they treat any one site more favorably than another? Editors are encouraged not to respond to emails as they never end up in  good place. There has been a case where death threats were made to editors and real life cases of stalking.

7. Do not make claims that there is a competitor keeping your site from getting listed. 99.99% of these claims end up not being true. If an editor is really doing that, then they will be removed. You can fill out the abuse form here, but be careful with false allegations as they do not go down too well and waste a meta editors time investigating.

8. Do not offer to pay for a listing. This is more likely to get you banned and there are plenty of examples of this happening. Do not believe the claims from SEO Kiddies in SEO forums about all the corruption at DMOZ. Have you not noticed that no one ever produces any evidence when they make the claims. The few really high profile examples of alleged corruption and paying for listing turned out to be made up claims as a link baiting exercise. They were so successful at getting links to their sites as the SEO Kiddies believed them and still continue to link to the stories (and they still claim that these made up allegations are evidence of all the corruption). There have been a few examples in which money did pass hands, but those editors have been removed. DMOZ takes this seriously. If you have any evidence please provide it via the abuse reporting system.

9. Do not threaten DMOZ. There are some of examples where webmasters have made threats – and their sites are still not listed. Editors pass any threats and sites on to the AOL legal department and will not touch the site or the issue. DMOZ owes webmasters nothing and is not accountable to webmasters. Webmasters pay nothing for a listing, so are owed nothing in return for getting or not getting listed in a time frame that they expect. It does not matter if your competitors are listed or not. It is this expectation of what webmasters want DMOZ to be vs what DMOZ really is that is the cause of all the conflict between DMOZ editors and disgruntled webmasters.

10. Do not post at Resource Zone asking about your site. Resource Zone is a forum run by some DMOZ editors and is not officially part of DMOZ. The forum rules you agree to when you join specifically say that individual sites are not discussed – some people are not particularly bright, as every day someone asks about their site!

11. Do not obsess over it. Follow the advice on getting a site listed in DMOZ, then move on. You either get listed or you don’t in whatever time frame. Its only one good link. There are plenty of other ways to get good links. You can still rank well in search engines without a DMOZ link. The world will not end if you do not get one. You will also not shoot to the top of the search engine rankings if you did get one.


2 Responses to How not to get a site listed in DMOZ

  1. Robert August 19, 2010 at 1:13 PM #

    While its great advice, two years later I am not listed and my website is just as good as the others listed. Its a frustrating process.

  2. Admin August 19, 2010 at 1:19 PM #

    I know its frustrating, but you also need to realise that your site does not have to be as good as teh sites that are currently listed. it has to be better that the sites currently listed. It has to have information on it that the sites that are currently listed do not have. DMOZ wants to add sites to a catgory that add value to the category. It does not want to add sites that have the same information and content as those already listed.

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