How to get Twitter followers, so you get forum traffic?

twitterOther posts have discussed the Twitter basics and how to put for forum RSS feed onto Twitter.

Once you have it on Twitter, you need to get followers so they can see the new threads in your tweets and come to the site. A quick search of the search engines shows up a whole lot of ways to get followers. A lot like the good old fashioned ‘get rich quick’ ‘snake oil‘ schemes,  so stay away from them.

The best way to get followers is to make sure you use your main keyword in your Twitter username and profile, so anyone searching for followers, they will get you and consider being a follower. The other way to get users is to search for your keyword and follow others with an interest in the area of your keyword. Hopefully they will reciprocate. As more users join Twitter, you need to keep checking back for your keywords and to find more users to follow.

While researching Twitter, I did come across Tweet Adder, which I now use. It fully automates the process of finding others based on your keywords and following them. It then checks back after a period of time to see if they follow you and if not, its takes you off from following them. Its only $55 and for that cost, it was worth the traffic I generate. For one of my forums, Twitter is the third most common site for direct traffic – that is worth $55 alone.

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