Should you post messages as ‘Admin’?


Should you post messages as Administrator?

This comes up from time to time in admin communities. Should you post messages as Administrator or under some other username (such as your own name)?

Personally on the forums I admin, I have two administrator usernames. One is Admin that I use for doing admin things such as posting notices; getting threads under control; warning people; pointing out rules issues; etc. The other administrator username I have is one under my own name (it is designated as administrator user group, so there is no secret that I am also the administrator). I use that username to participate to interact with members on a personal level; to take part in discussions and debates; to start threads; etc. The Admin username is reserved for administration things.

Some people do not like this approach and that is fine. Some administrators like to be secretive, which does carry a risk.  Some have pointed out that hackers may look for a username: Admin to hack, but I have never yet had that problem. There is nothing wrong with the Administrator getting involved and it happens a lot.

It is important that the administrator on forums is approachable, whichever way you choose to go. It is important that the administrator is visible and known to be active on and supportive of the community. Members can and do notice the absence of an administrator. However, as forums get larger, there is more administration to do behind the scenes making it harder for the Admin to post.

At the end of the day, a lot will depend on the nature of the forum and forum dynamics and whichever approach you and your community are most comfortable with.

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