Sneaky tricks used by the spam link droppers


I have a low tolerance threshold for fluff posters with links in their signature, let alone in the message posted – I just delete them and ban them as they NEVER become useful members.

A number of silly new tricks are being used by spammers and SEO Kiddies to keep under the radar scope.

I just got rid of a new member who replied to a message with a reply that was borderline fluff posting, but I was close to giving them the benefit of doubt. They did use a colored font in posted message. Then I realized that the font was the same color as links — needless to say, there was a number of links hidden in the post for a pharmacy site….the dirty little rats.

Another tactic that the automated bots (the ones that get through all the spam protection) have started doing is scraping a post already in the thread and posting some sentences from that. That makes their post look almost legitimate and not something random that they have been doing…the dirty little rats.

Because of these fools, so many strategies need to be put in place to deal with the spam (see vBulletin spam)

Watch out for them.

Added 4 october:
I just banned a link dropper who was not sneaky and not very bright either. I not sure what gave them away, but:

  • their email address was
  • their username had SEO in it (and the forum had nothing to do with SEO)
  • Their IP address was in Pakistan
  • Their signature was for a plastic surgery site in the Philippines
  • In their post in the introductions forum, they said they were from Canada

People like that need to be removed from the gene pool.

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