Submitting a forum to search engines


Do not waste your time on this. The need to submit a site to a search engine, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing using their add url page went out of fashion last century and has not made a difference to a site, either positive or negative since then.

Search engines find sites by crawling the web and following links from site to site (or more precisely from page to page). That is why link building is so important for indexing and a good search engine ranking for a site. The links are also important if you want all your forum discussion to be indexed by search engines.

It is also important to submit a sitemap.xml to Google, Yahoo and Bing, to become engaged with the search engines. Submitting a sitemap.xml is not a guarantee that they will index you. All three search engines tend not to index sites with no links to them (and it does not matter how many times you try using the ‘add url page’).

The search engines strongly advise against using a software program or autosubmitter to submit a site, as they just do not have the computing resources to deal with the software submissions. They do threaten to ban sites that use them, but I have never known them to do this. If they did ban a site for this, then I would starting autosubmitting my competitor’s sites to get them banned! The worse that can happen with an autosubmitter is that your IP is blocked from accessing the search engine. Google have done this in the past. Despite having said all that, the autosubmitting is a waste of time, money and energy anyway.

Some companies do offer a paid service to submit site to search engines. They are running a scam. Stay away from them.

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