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Monetizing a Forum

Tweet Forums cost money to run and they take time to run (see a day in the life of a forum admin). If you are in it just for the passion or the money, there are a number of ways to recoup the expenses and cover your time involved in running the forum, and if […]

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Monetize a forum with Adsense

Tweet Google’s Adsense program is probably one of the more effective ways to monetize a forum. Essentially, you place the Google Adsense code on your forum in the template for where you wish to show the advertisements, Google then displays contextually relevant advertisements from their pool of Adwords advertisers. If your visitors click on them, […]

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Forum Advertising Software

Tweet There are many options for software to serve up advertisements on forums. The simplest way to do this is to not use any software and to just insert the code for the advertisement (eg Google Adsense) into the template. It is fairly easy to do this and for many forums this may be all […]

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