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What signals do self-promotional links tell the search engines?

Tweet We all know the importance of building links to web sites to improve traffic and improve search engine rankings. For forums, building links to individual threads is a great way to take advantage of the long tail part of the search spectrum. There are many ways to get links to a site. The best […]

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Are links from .edu & .gov sites worth more?

Tweet The simple answer is NO. There are many SEO myths out there and this is one of them. There is a popular belief that backlinks from .gov and .edu sites carry more weight than other top level domains. Google have made it clear that they do not (see this interview; and this video – […]

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Do forum signature links help a sites ranking?

Tweet Listening to the SEO kiddies on some SEO forums, you can’t help but notice how they heavily promote posting in forums to link drop signatures and profile spam as a way to help build backlinks to a web site to improve its rankings. This kind of advice has significantly increased the fluff posting, nonsense […]

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What is an “Authority Site”?

Tweet An ‘Authority site‘ is a site that seems to get an extra ranking boost from the search engines. Somehow, in their analysis of the site and its backlinks profile, the search engine algorithm recognizes a site as being an ‘Authority’. Getting backlinks from sites that are seen by the search engines as an authority […]

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Forum Directory List

Tweet Building backlinks are an important part of forum promotion for traffic and search engine ranking. Submitting to key web directories is important and submitting to a wider range of directories will also help a site somewhat. It is also probably important to submit your forum to the niche forum directories. Here is a list […]

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What is Link Juice?

Tweet Getting backlinks to a site is an important part of the search engine optimization (SEO) process and helping a site get all its pages indexed in the search engines and ranking well in them. Link Juice is the term used for how much benefit a link passes on, as not all links are equal. […]

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Article Directory Submission

Tweet Submitting articles to article directories is another one of the link building strategies that can be used to build links for a forum. There are 100’s of article directories available and most are not worth it, as the search engines tend not to index a lot of the articles, so they pass no backlink […]

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Submitting to Web Directories

Tweet Submitting to directories is one way of building backlinks to a site that are needed to rank well in the search engines. Is submitting to web directories worth it? Not a day goes by in which many people in SEO forums express an opinion on if it is worth it or not (also, not […]

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What is PageRank?

Tweet PageRank (PR) is the term that is trademarked and an algorithm patented by Google. PageRank is the link analysis algorithm named after one of the founders of Google, Larry Page. The algorithm assigns a numerical value to each page on the web based on the number of links to that page. The algorithm was […]

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How I pretend search engines rank sites

Tweet I like to think of the ranking of a site in search engines to be a conceptual formula. This is not how search engines actually rank a site or page, but pretending it does it this way helps understand what needs to be done: Ranking = relevance x importance +/- quality A number of […]

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Link exchanges are not worth it

Tweet We all know the importance of link building to get a site indexed in the search engines; to have the search engines crawl deep into a site (especially a forum) to index most of the site; and to have the site rank well in the search engines. One way of building links is to […]

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Getting the search engines to index all of your threads

Tweet I recall reading somewhere that something like 20% of the searches in Google are for phrases that have never been searched for before. It is one thing to target and SEO a forum (or any website) for one or a few popular keywords, it is another to get your site in a position to […]

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Google’s link: operator

Tweet Ignore it….nuff said. For those that want a more detailed explanation: Google allow webmasters to search for sites that link to a web page (not a ‘site’) by the use of the link: operator (ie the backlinks). See this search for links to Forum Doc. Many complain how inaccurate that this operator is. It […]

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Linkvana as a forum thread link building tool

Tweet Building links (getting backlinks) is one of the more important ways to get a site indexed and ranked in the search engines. Directory and social bookmark submission is one of the ways to get some lower value links. I use Linkvana for another component to my link building strategy, probably the most important. Whenever, […]

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Submitting to link directories and social bookmarking sites

Tweet Link building is time consuming and can often feel unrewarding for the effort that is put in. It  is still an important way to improve traffic to your forum and to help with the link popularity that is so important in a web site’s ranking in the search engines (ie building backlinks). There are many […]

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