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Monetize your forum with Amazon

Tweet Amazon.com offers an associate (affiliate) program that can be used by forum owners to monetize their forum. Reports I have read from forum owners on this are mixed. It will work on some forums and not on others. In some niches, people are more likely to buy books or the types of products that […]

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Does Your Forum Target a Specific Geographic Region?

Tweet If it does, you want it to show up in the search engines for that country. All the search engines use geotargeting and the search results are different from country to country (and even from city to city) (more on geotargeted search results). They do this as they want to deliver the most relevant […]

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Forum Advertising Software

Tweet There are many options for software to serve up advertisements on forums. The simplest way to do this is to not use any software and to just insert the code for the advertisement (eg Google Adsense) into the template. It is fairly easy to do this and for many forums this may be all […]

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View search results from different geographic regions

Tweet Google geotargets its search results. This means that search results vary from country to country and even from city to city. They do this so they can better serve the searcher (and remember the search engine is there to best serve the searcher and not serve the webmaster with free rankings). The problem for […]

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