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Google’s Panda Algorithm Update

Tweet The Panda update from Google that affected the search engine rankings of a lot of sites has caused a lot of angst among some webmasters as they watch their rankings fall. Everyone is looking for answers. Not a lot of forums appear to have been affected. There has been a lot of discussion at […]

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Why Google’s PR is important for a forum

Tweet I have already posted about what Google’s PR or PageRank is. Many of the SEO Kiddies live for the day when Google “update” the PR every 3-4 months (when in reality they update it every day internally). Many of the SEO Kiddies and the SEO experts have dismissed PR as no longer being important […]

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Why does Google use DMOZ?

Tweet Firstly no one except Google has any idea of what a listing in the web directory DMOZ has on the ranking of websites in the search engine results. Many people like to believe that a web site listed in DMOZ is at an advantage over a site that is not listed. Others like to […]

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Monetize a forum with Adsense

Tweet Google’s Adsense program is probably one of the more effective ways to monetize a forum. Essentially, you place the Google Adsense code on your forum in the template for where you wish to show the advertisements, Google then displays contextually relevant advertisements from their pool of Adwords advertisers. If your visitors click on them, […]

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Let me Google that for you…

Tweet Ever get frustrated when a thread is started on the simplest or dumbest question that a quick Google (or another search engine) search would provide the answer? I do…but I am also torn between the frustration and the principle of the 90 10 1 and how to convert the poster of that question into […]

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Twitter being used by Google and Bing

Tweet Both Google and Bing this week (23 October, 2009) announced that they have agreements with Twitter to include Twitter updates in their SERPs. Bing have launched their Twitter search (only accessible by those in the USA at the moment). Google’s announcement is that they will soon have theirs. The importance of this to forum […]

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Submitting a forum to search engines

Tweet Do not waste your time on this. The need to submit a site to a search engine, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing using their add url page went out of fashion last century and has not made a difference to a site, either positive or negative since then. Search engines find sites by […]

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Engaging with the search engines

Tweet Embrace the search engines; add your sites in their webmaster area; and submit your sitemaps to help them crawl you: Google: Add your site to Webmaster Tools and submit a sitemap.xml Participate in the Google Webmaster Help Group Read the Google Webmaster Blog Yahoo!: Add your site to Yahoo Site Explorer and submit your […]

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WWGD: What Would Google Do?

Tweet I do not read a lot of books as I am online so much. I recently had a long flight and in the airport bookshop I picked up a book by Jeff Jarvis called What Would Google Do. I thought it might be a book about SEO or something like that and as it […]

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Sitelinks in Google’s Search Results

Tweet In 2006, Google introduced sitelinks in the SERPs (see the extra links in the Apple Computer example above). These are additional links under the main search results that point to deeper pages in the site. The sitelinks are something that are generated algorithmically and automatically. They are something that a webmaster cannot do to […]

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What is PageRank?

Tweet PageRank (PR) is the term that is trademarked and an algorithm patented by Google. PageRank is the link analysis algorithm named after one of the founders of Google, Larry Page. The algorithm assigns a numerical value to each page on the web based on the number of links to that page. The algorithm was […]

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Dates of Google PR updates

Tweet Google periodically exports the internal PR data that they update internally on a daily basis to the Google Toolbar for us to look at. The most recent dates of the export were approximately: 6 December 2013 5 February 2013 7 November 2012 2 August 2012 3 May 2012 6 February 2012 7 November 2011 […]

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Google’s link: operator

Tweet Ignore it….nuff said. For those that want a more detailed explanation: Google allow webmasters to search for sites that link to a web page (not a ‘site’) by the use of the link: operator (ie the backlinks). See this search for links to Forum Doc. Many complain how inaccurate that this operator is. It […]

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What is the Google Dance?

Tweet The Google Dance goes back to the good old days of search engine optimization. Google used to update PageRank (PR) and the search engine rankings (SERPs) on a monthly basis. It was a big event as the updates would roll out. The SEO Forums would always be awash with long threads as webmasters announced […]

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Use Google alerts to find ideas for new threads

Tweet Sign up for Google alerts for several keywords or phrases related to your forums niche or industry and get a daily email of news, blog posts and web information related to that niche or industry. The alerts monitors activity for the keyword or phrase. Mine the links for ideas to start threads or post […]

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