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Suicide threats made in a forum

Tweet Have you had a suicide threat on your forum from a member? Chances are you haven’t and most forums probably will not have to deal with it. Some forums will and do have to deal with these. What­ will do you do if a member of your forum makes comments about committing suicide? Are […]

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Using a Paid Forum Posting Service to Kickstart a Forum

Tweet There are many ways to kickstart a community. One option in the early days is the use of a paid forum posting service – that is paying people to post to get that initial content. There are plenty of sites offering this service and packages for a variety of prices (see below). On a […]

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Consider editing the ‘instant email notification of new post’ email

Tweet I always make sure that the Default Thread Subscription Mode is set to Instant email notification (this is the vBulletin terminology, but the principle is the same for other forum software). This means that when a reply is made in a thread that the member has either posted in or has subscribed too, they […]

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Let me Google that for you…

Tweet Ever get frustrated when a thread is started on the simplest or dumbest question that a quick Google (or another search engine) search would provide the answer? I do…but I am also torn between the frustration and the principle of the 90 10 1 and how to convert the poster of that question into […]

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Should a visitor always need to register to post on a forum?

Tweet Is it always desirable that you have to be a registered member of a forum to post a message? In most circumstances we want visitors to join as members (see converting the visitor into a member); we want them to engage with the site. BUT, what if your forum is on the sort of […]

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Converting the member into a poster

Tweet As part of the 90 9 1 theory of forum participation, getting visitors to convert to being a registered member (the 90) is one thing; once a visitor  has registered then the challenge is to convert them from being a lurker into a poster or participant (the 9). A certain number of visitors will […]

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Converting the visitor into a member

Tweet As part of the 90 9 1 principle or theory of forum participation, one of the strategies is to convert the visitor to the site into a member (ie convert them to the 90). Getting the visitor by a variety of promotional means is one thing, converting them is another. What can be put […]

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The Welcome Committee to engage the newbie’s

Tweet On the forums I admin, all new members get an automated welcome email and a welcome PM (private message). As part of that, they are encouraged to stop by the Introductions Forum to introduce themselves and make their first post (this is one of the important steps in converting the 90 to the 9 […]

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The 90-9-1 Principle Applied to Forums

Tweet Essentially, the 90-9-1 rule states that in a social community, 90% are lurkers, 9% contribute a bit and 1% contribute a lot. Jake McKee is a strong proponent of the theory and has a whole site devoted to it. Some community managers, such as Angela Connor support the concept, whereas other such as Richard […]

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What do you do about competing forums?

Tweet What do you do when one of your moderators or one of your valued members departs on good terms (or even bad terms) and starts a forum that is competing with yours? What do you do if they start recruiting at your forum for new members for their forum? It is never pleasant when […]

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First Amendment and the “Freedom of Speech”

Tweet How often have you had someone try to claim their First Amendment and their “Freedom of Speech” rights? They usually come in response to something like the closing of threads or deleting of posts. Most of those who try to claim these “rights” are from the USA and they should know better. I enjoy […]

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Would you delete a user on request?

Tweet Alongside the issue of who owns forum posts, is the issue of what do you do if a member wants to have all their posts and their account deleted.  More and more people are increasing their consciousness of their internet footprint and want more control of it, especially anything that might be seen of […]

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