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Are links from .edu & .gov sites worth more?

Tweet The simple answer is NO. There are many SEO myths out there and this is one of them. There is a popular belief that backlinks from .gov and .edu sites carry more weight than other top level domains. Google have made it clear that they do not (see this interview; and this video – […]

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The curse of the profile spammer

Tweet Spam and fluff posting on forums are as old as forums. What is getting worse lately is profile spam, mainly because the SEO Kiddies think that forums links are worth it. This is done by those who join forums or social network sites just to create a profile so that they can add a profile […]

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Do forum signature links help a sites ranking?

Tweet Listening to the SEO kiddies on some SEO forums, you can’t help but notice how they heavily promote posting in forums to link drop signatures and profile spam as a way to help build backlinks to a web site to improve its rankings. This kind of advice has significantly increased the fluff posting, nonsense […]

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Submitting a forum to search engines

Tweet Do not waste your time on this. The need to submit a site to a search engine, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing using their add url page went out of fashion last century and has not made a difference to a site, either positive or negative since then. Search engines find sites by […]

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The SEO Kiddies

Tweet If you hang out at SEO forums long enough you get to recognize the SEO Kiddies. They are the ones that: 1. Always want to know when the next Google PR update is and expect their sites ranking to change when it does (they don’t get it that Google update PR internally on a […]

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Link exchanges are not worth it

Tweet We all know the importance of link building to get a site indexed in the search engines; to have the search engines crawl deep into a site (especially a forum) to index most of the site; and to have the site rank well in the search engines. One way of building links is to […]

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What is the Google Dance?

Tweet The Google Dance goes back to the good old days of search engine optimization. Google used to update PageRank (PR) and the search engine rankings (SERPs) on a monthly basis. It was a big event as the updates would roll out. The SEO Forums would always be awash with long threads as webmasters announced […]

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How important is a good Alexa ranking?

Tweet Basically an Alexa ranking is not important. Having a high or low Alexa ranking does not help a site one bit, unless you want to use it to impress people who are impressed by this sort of thing, but do not understand it. Alexa have a toolbar that can be installed in web browsers. […]

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