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Optimize the welcome message for the visitor and the search engine

Tweet It is always a good idea to optimize a site primarily for a few main keywords that you are targeted for a search engine ranking, but at the same time implement strategies to get all your threads indexed so you can bring traffic to a forum through long tail searches. There are a number […]

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Twitter being used by Google and Bing

Tweet Both Google and Bing this week (23 October, 2009) announced that they have agreements with Twitter to include Twitter updates in their SERPs. Bing have launched their Twitter search (only accessible by those in the USA at the moment). Google’s announcement is that they will soon have theirs. The importance of this to forum […]

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Does Your Forum Target a Specific Geographic Region?

Tweet If it does, you want it to show up in the search engines for that country. All the search engines use geotargeting and the search results are different from country to country (and even from city to city) (more on geotargeted search results). They do this as they want to deliver the most relevant […]

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The importance of the Long Tail search phrases

Tweet The so called Long Tail is an important concept in understanding the keyword phrases that can bring in traffic to a website. The Long Tail is probably more important to forum’s traffic than a regular website. Here is a video clip from Rand Fishkin from SEOMoz that explains this concept and its importance: In […]

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Sitelinks in Google’s Search Results

Tweet In 2006, Google introduced sitelinks in the SERPs (see the extra links in the Apple Computer example above). These are additional links under the main search results that point to deeper pages in the site. The sitelinks are something that are generated algorithmically and automatically. They are something that a webmaster cannot do to […]

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How I pretend search engines rank sites

Tweet I like to think of the ranking of a site in search engines to be a conceptual formula. This is not how search engines actually rank a site or page, but pretending it does it this way helps understand what needs to be done: Ranking = relevance x importance +/- quality A number of […]

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What is the Google Dance?

Tweet The Google Dance goes back to the good old days of search engine optimization. Google used to update PageRank (PR) and the search engine rankings (SERPs) on a monthly basis. It was a big event as the updates would roll out. The SEO Forums would always be awash with long threads as webmasters announced […]

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Linkvana as a forum thread link building tool

Tweet Building links (getting backlinks) is one of the more important ways to get a site indexed and ranked in the search engines. Directory and social bookmark submission is one of the ways to get some lower value links. I use Linkvana for another component to my link building strategy, probably the most important. Whenever, […]

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View search results from different geographic regions

Tweet Google geotargets its search results. This means that search results vary from country to country and even from city to city. They do this so they can better serve the searcher (and remember the search engine is there to best serve the searcher and not serve the webmaster with free rankings). The problem for […]

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