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Beware of the dog!

Tweet In my RSS reader this morning was a blog post:  My “Beware Of Dog” Don’t Spam Me Sign from Danny Sullivan. He was getting frustrated about the idiocy of the spam attempts on his blog. It struck a chord with me as I have had my views on forum spam. This is an ongoing […]

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The curse of the profile spammer

Tweet Spam and fluff posting on forums are as old as forums. What is getting worse lately is profile spam, mainly because the SEO Kiddies think that forums links are worth it. This is done by those who join forums or social network sites just to create a profile so that they can add a profile […]

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Do forum signature links help a sites ranking?

Tweet Listening to the SEO kiddies on some SEO forums, you can’t help but notice how they heavily promote posting in forums to link drop signatures and profile spam as a way to help build backlinks to a web site to improve its rankings. This kind of advice has significantly increased the fluff posting, nonsense […]

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Dealing with vBulletin Spam

Tweet The spam posting and fluff posting on forums is not limited just to the vBulletin software, it is just that I am more familiar with vBulletin, so my comments here are directed at that. However, the principles for other forum software are the same and many of the vBulletin modifications are similar and are […]

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Ban these members from your forum

Tweet As well as getting rid of fluff posters, get rid of these members if you have them. They have either posted spam messages; or they are joining forums just to link drop a signature link in their profiles; or they used some sneaky trick. I am only including those that get through all the […]

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All forums should nofollow external links

Tweet The spam and fluff posting is getting out of hand on many forums. Too many messages get posted for promotional purposes and to link drop signatures because of advice from SEO Kiddies that this is a good way to build backlinks to a site (its not). These kinds of posts add nothing of value […]

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Sneaky tricks used by the spam link droppers

Tweet I have a low tolerance threshold for fluff posters with links in their signature, let alone in the message posted – I just delete them and ban them as they NEVER become useful members. A number of silly new tricks are being used by spammers and SEO Kiddies to keep under the radar scope. […]

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Forums Admins Unite: Lets get rid of the fluff posters!

Tweet I have this huge desire to make every thread on the forums I work with a valuable resource on the topic of the thread. Imagine a new visitor coming from a search engine to a thread and its full of nonsense or fluff posts. Will they want to stay and look around the site; […]

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