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Using a Paid Forum Posting Service to Kickstart a Forum

Tweet There are many ways to kickstart a community. One option in the early days is the use of a paid forum posting service – that is paying people to post to get that initial content. There are plenty of sites offering this service and packages for a variety of prices (see below). On a […]

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Keeping on top of ideas for new threads

Tweet Visitors keep coming back if the latest information for your niche is on your site. If they like what they see, they will join as a member. What methods can be used to find content and to get the breaking news first? Try these: Use Google alerts to monitor blogs, web search and news […]

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Intelligent use of the tags

Tweet Most forum admins activate the tags but do not really pay much more attention to them than that. I pay a lot of attention to them. Here is what I do with them: 1. I have a predetermined list of thread tags that we prefer to use on each forum (even though thread starters […]

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Getting the search engines to index all of your threads

Tweet I recall reading somewhere that something like 20% of the searches in Google are for phrases that have never been searched for before. It is one thing to target and SEO a forum (or any website) for one or a few popular keywords, it is another to get your site in a position to […]

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What is your favorite Youtube clip? (off topic thread idea)

Tweet How is this for an idea for an off-topic thread at your forum? Install a plugin or mod to insert YouTube clips into posts. Start a thread asking member to contribute their favorite YouTube clip. See this example. Make it a sticky thread so it never ends. Here is the simplest way to do […]

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Use Google alerts to find ideas for new threads

Tweet Sign up for Google alerts for several keywords or phrases related to your forums niche or industry and get a daily email of news, blog posts and web information related to that niche or industry. The alerts monitors activity for the keyword or phrase. Mine the links for ideas to start threads or post […]

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Linkvana as a forum thread link building tool

Tweet Building links (getting backlinks) is one of the more important ways to get a site indexed and ranked in the search engines. Directory and social bookmark submission is one of the ways to get some lower value links. I use Linkvana for another component to my link building strategy, probably the most important. Whenever, […]

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Treat each thread like a baby or like gold

Tweet Nurture each thread into being a great resource on the topic of the thread, so when visitors come to the site, they are impressed; they stay and look around; they join as a member; they contribute; they happy; they click on the advertisements on your site! How do you do that? Consider doing some […]

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