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Nulled vBulletin

Tweet Nulled vBulletin is not a different version of the forum software vBulletin. Nulled vBulletin is a version of the software that has been hacked to remove the license information. The nulled means it has been pirated and everything that could identify the owner of the licence has been removed or deactivated (however, sometimes the hacker […]

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Dealing with vBulletin Spam

Tweet The spam posting and fluff posting on forums is not limited just to the vBulletin software, it is just that I am more familiar with vBulletin, so my comments here are directed at that. However, the principles for other forum software are the same and many of the vBulletin modifications are similar and are […]

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What is your favorite Youtube clip? (off topic thread idea)

Tweet How is this for an idea for an off-topic thread at your forum? Install a plugin or mod to insert YouTube clips into posts. Start a thread asking member to contribute their favorite YouTube clip. See this example. Make it a sticky thread so it never ends. Here is the simplest way to do […]

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How to install vBulletin

Tweet Here is the basics from a You Tube clip on how to install vBulletin: And this one on some tips for the initial set up:

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