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Why does Google use DMOZ?

Tweet Firstly no one except Google has any idea of what a listing in the web directory DMOZ has on the ranking of websites in the search engine results. Many people like to believe that a web site listed in DMOZ is at an advantage over a site that is not listed. Others like to […]

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What signals do self-promotional links tell the search engines?

Tweet We all know the importance of building links to web sites to improve traffic and improve search engine rankings. For forums, building links to individual threads is a great way to take advantage of the long tail part of the search spectrum. There are many ways to get links to a site. The best […]

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What is DMOZ? Understanding DMOZ

Tweet DMOZ or the ODP (Open Directory Project) is a web directory that so many want to get their websites (or in our case, our forums) listed in to build a backlink to their sites from a site that the search engines may consider an authority site. We could get into the silly allegations about […]

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Who wants what from web directories

Tweet Is the web directory industry out of control? (many commentators think it has been for a while). Just look at all the new directories being announced by the SEO Kiddies at webmaster forums like Digitalpoint and on sites like Directory Critic. For example, every man and his dog is buying expired domains with Google […]

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How not to get a site listed in DMOZ

Tweet I have already covered How to get a forum listed in DMOZ, now this is how to go about not getting a site listed: 1. Do not submit a site under construction or a forum with not many members and activity. It will be rejected. 2. Do not submit it more than once. Submitting […]

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Forum Directory List

Tweet Building backlinks are an important part of forum promotion for traffic and search engine ranking. Submitting to key web directories is important and submitting to a wider range of directories will also help a site somewhat. It is also probably important to submit your forum to the niche forum directories. Here is a list […]

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Submitting to Web Directories

Tweet Submitting to directories is one way of building backlinks to a site that are needed to rank well in the search engines. Is submitting to web directories worth it? Not a day goes by in which many people in SEO forums express an opinion on if it is worth it or not (also, not […]

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How to get a forum listed in DMOZ

Tweet The Open Directory Project or DMOZ is the largest web directory on the internet and is generally considered a directory that is worth getting a site listed in. It is run by a large army of volunteers and is owned by AOL. There is more than a fair share of DMOZ bashers on the […]

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Submitting to link directories and social bookmarking sites

Tweet Link building is time consuming and can often feel unrewarding for the effort that is put in. It  is still an important way to improve traffic to your forum and to help with the link popularity that is so important in a web site’s ranking in the search engines (ie building backlinks). There are many […]

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