The SEO Kiddies


If you hang out at SEO forums long enough you get to recognize the SEO Kiddies. They are the ones that:

1. Always want to know when the next Google PR update is and expect their sites ranking to change when it does (they don’t get it that Google update PR internally on a daily basis and incorporate that into the rankings on a daily basis, so when they export the new PR to the toolbar, rankings do not actually change as they have already been factored into the search results).

2. Recommended web directories, article submission, social bookmarking and forum posting as the main means of link building (they don’t seem to get it that while these methods do carry some benefit, they are not the main methods of getting the best links. Any link gained through self promotional efforts will carry less weight in search engines rankings than a link that is given editorially by another site).

3. Think that search engine optimization is actually submitting sites to web directories, article directory submission, social bookmarking sites and forum posting (in reality, these things are at the bottom of the pile of what SEO really is!).

4. They do (3) as a paid service.

5. Own a general web directory that accepts all submissions (despite all the problems with web directories).

6. Usually post fluff posts on SEO forums.

7. Think that Alexa rankings is an important metric.

8. Believe in all sorts of conspiracy theories about ranking penalties for websites (there is only room for 10 sites on the first page of Google, but somehow believe that every site not on page one has a minus X penalty…duh?).

9. Over analyze everything that Matt Cutts says (or alternatively have no idea what Matt Cutts said on a topic and continue to perpetuate myths that he has debunked).

10. Their site usually has something to do with airport limousine hire, acai berry or making money online from home (they try to make money this way as they could not actually make any money working at home).

11. If their site is not about one of those topics, then its usually about SEO and they post in forums asking the most basic and dumb SEO questions!

12. Think that submitting a site to Google is important and the keyword meta tags are important to Google.

13. Obsess over the ‘green bar‘ in the Google Toolbar as they think this particular value of PageRank is important.

14. They peddle snake oil and SEO Scams and perpetuate SEO Myths.

15. They think that DMOZ is the most corrupt organization on the planet (and probably the galaxy as well). They also think that anyone who says anything positive about DMOZ or defends them is nothing more than a low life bottom dwelling scumbag of an editor (?duh). They have to resort to name calling, as you can’t have an intelligent rational discussion with them on this topic. They also have a warped sense of humor as they think DMOZ is a joke (its never made me laugh!).

16. Need to read a good book on SEO from real SEO experts who know what they are talking about. The Art of SEO is a good place for them to start

17. Think forum profile spam is a legitimate link building tactic.

18. Think that a backlink from a .edu or .gov domain name is worth more than a .com or other domain name. Google have made it clear that a .edu or .gov backlink is not worth more (see this post).

The only good thing about the SEO Kiddies is that my competitors probably listen to their advice! Keep it up!

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