The Welcome Committee to engage the newbie’s


On the forums I admin, all new members get an automated welcome email and a welcome PM (private message). As part of that, they are encouraged to stop by the Introductions Forum to introduce themselves and make their first post (this is one of the important steps in converting the 90 to the 9 in the 90 9 1 theory). The introduction forums are usually my first listed forum (so it is easy to find). Once they make that post, moderators and other members are encouraged to be welcoming and to engage with the new member to get them to respond and make a second post (and hopefully become the 1 in the 90 9 1 theory). As one of my Admin tasks, I try to post at least once a day in the Introductions forum. Members who welcome newbie’s often with genuine posts and not fluff posts get promoted to an additional user group – the Welcome Committee. It is another badge of honour that they can wear! It is all part of the plan!

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