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Both Google and Bing this week (23 October, 2009) announced that they have agreements with Twitter to include Twitter updates in their SERPs. Bing have launched their Twitter search (only accessible by those in the USA at the moment). Google’s announcement is that they will soon have theirs.

The importance of this to forum owners, is getting fresh content into the search engines via Twitter. Bing, in their announcement, said: “The explosive popularity of Twitter is the best example of this opportunity. Twitter is producing millions of tweets every minute on every subject you can imagine… Search needs to keep up.

In general, its is assumed that webmasters (and for our case, forum admins) can use Twitter to get the newest and freshest site content indexed by the search engines more rapidly. We may well find that those with Twitter profiles will out rank those without.

I would also hate to think how much Twitter spam is now going to be generated as a result of these announcements. Hopefully the search engines can filter it.

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Update (23 November) :

Google are so serious about Twitter, they have now added their Twitter Directory to the Press Center.

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