Using a Paid Forum Posting Service to Kickstart a Forum

paid forum posting servicesThere are many ways to kickstart a community. One option in the early days is the use of a paid forum posting service – that is paying people to post to get that initial content. There are plenty of sites offering this service and packages for a variety of prices (see below). On a number of webmaster forums there are any number of people willing to do forum posting for as low as 5 to 10 cents a post!

The Upside:
Posts are hard to get in early stages of setting up a forum and one key determinant in converting a visitor to a member is the content. If you do not have enough friends or contacts in your niche to kick start things, a paid forum posting service may be an option. Paying people to post may a better option than you creating 10 fake users to post.

The Downside:
There are risks that involve the creation of what some call a “fake community” with no real community spirit and this is no way to build a community in the medium to long term. Many of those doing paid forum posting, especially down the lower end of the cost scale, may not have English as their first language and there may be issues with the use of English in the forum posts (you often see this complaint in forums when paid forum posting is discussed). Comments often get made about the poor quality of posts made, but this may be a matter of you get what you paid for. Also, consider how existing members will react if they knew that some people were being paid to post messages.

The Alternatives:
A simple alternative is for you to post a number of good quality articles to get the forum started. You could also build up an email list of key people in the niche and invite them on board (this is what I do). Another option is to maybe find writers who are already writing in your niche. Offer to pay them for some content – they may even stay and be part of the community as it develops (its all part of the plan!).

Who to use:
Which company to go with for forum posting? I have seen positive reviews on almost all of them. I have seen a few negative reviews on some of them as well. Maybe, use a smaller package or a trial package to see if you like the service first. Alternatively you could get a freelancer from a site like

If you use paid forum posting be aware of the downside. Paid posting does not last forever, so you need to actively promote your forum and put in place other stategies (see: 90 9 1) while the paid posting is going on.

Listing of services:
Forum Pros
Kickstart Your Forum
Forum Booster
Paid Forum Posting
Bump My Thread
Forum Advantage
NL2A Services
Paid Posting Central
Forum Specialists
Post on My Forum
Forums First
Write Effects
Forum Aid
Web Content

Please contact me if know of any others or if any of these sites listed go out of business. I recently came across a 2 year old list that reviewed paid posting services. Of the 10 sites listed, only 2 still existed! {UPDATE: 12 Nov: Deleted 3 more that closed down; added on new one} {UPDATE: 15 January: Deleted two and added two}


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