View search results from different geographic regions


Google geotargets its search results. This means that search results vary from country to country and even from city to city. They do this so they can better serve the searcher (and remember the search engine is there to best serve the searcher and not serve the webmaster with free rankings). The problem for the webmaster is to check their sites SERPs and how they look from different countries. You may rank better or worse elsewhere and you may not know. One of the best tools to check rankings from elsewhere is to use an extension for Firefox called Google Global. This can display the results from pretty much anywhere that you might be interested in knowing your rankings. Another option is to use Search Muffin, that can give you the Google SERPs for any city in the USA.

For those outside the USA, you can use this Google URL to view the search results as they would appear in the USA: (the ncr bit of the URL disappears when you go to the URL).

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