Watch out for these SEO Scams

scamIf you decide to engage a SEO’er (Search Engine Optimizer) to help with the SEO on your forum, how do you tell which ones to stay away from; which are the ones running a scam?; which are the ones that are pretending to be an SEO (ie a SEO Kiddie), but do not really know what they are doing?. Be careful of those:

  1. Are not upfront and are secretive about the tactics that they will use
  2. Don’t trust those that cold call you by email or phone
  3. Put an overemphasis on directory submission as a means of link building
  4. Still submit sites to search engines
  5. Put an emphasis on keyword density
  6. Make guarantees of a top ranking
  7. Want a link to their site from yours

Legitimate SEO’s consider these unethical SEO kiddies a blot on their industry. Any scam hurts the client and the industry’s image. Google advise: “Deciding to hire an SEO is a big decision that can potentially improve your site and save time, but you can also risk damage to your site and reputation. Make sure to research the potential advantages as well as the damage that an irresponsible SEO can do to your site.”  Getting it wrong will have consequences for a forum or any site with various types of penalties that Google allegedly apply that can go to a complete ban from the search engine. Google provide a number of things to ask a potential SEO’er and what to look out for in their Webmaster help.


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