What is the Google Dance?


The Google Dance goes back to the good old days of search engine optimization. Google used to update PageRank (PR) and the search engine rankings (SERPs) on a monthly basis. It was a big event as the updates would roll out. The SEO Forums would always be awash with long threads as webmasters announced their new PR and site rankings. Webmaster World would always name each update in the same way hurricanes were given names. In 2003, Google stopped the Google Dance and went to continuous updates. The SERPs and PR are updated continuously and there is no Google Dance anymore. The PR is exported for us to see a snapshot of the internal PR that is updated continuously every few months or so, but this is not the Google Dance. Sometimes you see newbies asking questions in webmaster forums about the Google Dance. Fortunately there are enough old hands around who remember the good old days and point out that there are no more Google dances (unless the staff at the Googleplex actually have a physical dance). The SEO Kiddies have all sorts of ideas of what they think the Google dance is. I can only assume that they were not around when Google did do the “Dance

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