Which forum hosting do I recommend?

urlChoosing a web host for your forum is obviously going to be an important decision, especially if the forum is going to get big and be active. Technically, running a forum is a lot more complex than running a small static website, so the support of the host is going to be crucial in any decision. For most of my non-forum websites, I use a traditional host like GoDaddy and have not yet had a problem with them that could not be solved. For my vBulletin forums, I use URLJet for them all (except 2). They do nothing but host vBulletin forums, so they take care of all the technical issues I have with the installation, installing the more complex hacks and deal with the database issues. This leaves me free to manage the forums. I can not speak highly enough of them and highly recommend them, especially if you are serious about your forum.

If you do not believe me about URLJet, there is this unsolicited post on vbulletin.com: “I just moved my forum to UrlJet server. They were very helpful with the migration and the site is much faster now. Plus technically I am bad so they are now helping me resolve all my previous vbulletin related problems. I like these guys.  You should check them out.


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